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Losing your teeth shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a good laugh with your peers, being too cautious of the people around you when speaking, or chewing your favorite food without fear of hurting your gums. Bellissima Dental Boutique can help you regain the healthy smile you once had by installing the best dental dentures, specifically implant dentures.

What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implant dentures are the more innovative substitutes for traditional dentures used to improve dentition flaws due to tooth loss. They are the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. Instead of resting directly on the gums, implants dentures attach the denture to the jawbone. This makes them more stable, which in turn, provides a more natural look and smile. 

Benefits of Dental Dentures

More Natural Smile

Implant dentures are the ideal solution to your upper and lower teeth loss problem. Using regular dentures causes increased load on the gums, resulting in a depression that becomes apparent over time. In addition, your facial features may become less natural because the jawbone tends to wear away after prolonged tooth loss. 

Implant dentures make all these more natural because they are fastened to the jawbone and provide the stability needed to maintain your facial structures and smile more confidently.

Sufficient Biting Power for Your Favorite Meals

After tooth loss or installing the traditional denture, there’s a long list of food you cannot consume. You may even have to have special meal reservations during festivities and family gatherings because of your limited food choices. Installing dental dentures gives you another chance to have a nice time with your family and friends.

They Can Pass for Natural Teeth 

Dental dentures look, feel and function like actual teeth. They are made from acrylic materials that have been customized specially for your mouth, teeth structure, and in some cases, color. Because they fit right in and are super stable, you feel like you never lost teeth. 

Improved Comfort and Stability

Having multiple occurrences of your traditional dentures falling out of your mouth can be embarrassing and discomforting. Implant dentures are fastened to the jaw, making them less likely to rock your gums and cause pain. You do not have to worry about certain food substances or your biting power dislodging your dentures when they are implant-supported.

Improved Durability and Care Regimen

You are required to replace your traditional dentures every five years, or in some cases, seven. It’s a totally different scenario with implant-supported dentures. They last decades and are simple to clean — daily brushing and flossing will do. Traditional dentures cleaning routines are very detailed; it involves removal, cleaning, sterilizing and scrubbing off remnants of adhesives and food before they are fitted back.

The Process of Restoring Your Fully Confident Smile

Our service delivery process is designed to make you smile in the shortest time possible, say five simple steps. You:

  • Search for "implant-supported dentures near me," and call and book an appointment with your Fayetteville dentist
  • Visit for tests to ascertain health status and take measurements
  • Agree with the dentist on a date for your new implants
  • Revisit on the agreed date for the implants 
  • Can now enjoy the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted

Implant-Supported Dentures FAQs

Who needs implant-supported dentures?

You need implant-supported dentures when most of your teeth are missing or have a few missing teeth in several places.

Are implant-supported dentures removable?

Yes, they are. There’s the fixed and removable option, and the one you get depends on our final evaluation of your medical records. In some cases, you get to pick your preferred choice.

How long do implant-supported dentures last?

Implant-supported dentures are generally made up of two parts, the overdenture and dental implants. The overdenture typically lasts 15 to 20 years, while dental implants do not need any replacement once installed. 

Can I return to work or school immediately after getting implant-supported dentures?

Most of our patients start to adjust to implant-supported dentures pretty quickly — some within a week. However, they take several weeks and months to heal and integrate fully into your jawbone.

Talk to us at your next appointment about whether implant-supported dentures are a fitting restorative solution for you.

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Installing implant-supported dentures is more than just a tooth replacement procedure. For us, it is bringing a smile to your face. That is why we are dedicated to helping you feel your best by making the solutions to compromised smiles more accessible. Call us today to book your appointment and experience the best in dental dentures services. Whether you're looking for affordable dental dentures or simply the best dental dentures, Bellissima Dental Boutique is here to help.


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