Sedation Dentistry

Enjoy a More Relaxing Dental Experience with the Help of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry is the key to relieving dental anxiety and creating new positive experiences to help you feel better about each visit. We work hard to make sure you’re relaxed and resting easily during the treatment. If you or someone in your family is avoiding dental treatment out of nervousness or anxiety, let us know. We work with each patient to create a sedation plan personalized to their health, anxiety level, and preferences. This lets you relax while we focus on giving you the highest quality of dental care possible.

Will Sedation Dentistry Work For You?

If you’re hoping for a pain free dentistry experience, you’ve found it. Our personalized approach to sedation dentistry ensures you get just the right solution to help you relieve fear and experience no pain as you undergo important dental care. Don’t risk your health by avoiding dental visits because you:

  • Fear needles, shots, or the dental equipment
  • Have an overwhelming gag reflex or difficulty going numb from anesthesia
  • Find the dentist’s office overwhelming or unfamiliar
  • Have traumatic memories of a prior dentist visit
  • Need complex dental treatment that will take a long time
  • Want more comfort and less discomfort during your dental treatment.

Levels of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry isn’t just for people with severe phobias and anxiety. If you’re just having a hard time relaxing during the treatment, we’d rather help you with oral or full sedation so we can get the work done faster and with fewer complications for you. The customized approach ensures that every patient feels comfortable with the amount of sedation they receive as well. The following sedation levels help patients of all ages overcome their dental anxiety.

Oral Sedation

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of an IV or just need a small amount of sedation to keep you relaxed, consider oral sedation. You’ll take a pill or two a short time before your treatment so you’re drowsy, relaxed, yet awake during the treatment. You may drift off and fall asleep or stay awake the whole time, depending on what you prefer and the medication we provide. You’ll need to rest the day of the treatment to give the sedation time to wear off, but you’ll be awake and able to recover with ease immediately after treatment. That’s why it’s also known as conscious sedation.

Full Sedation

For more extensive dental treatment or severe cases of anxiety, IV sedation dentistry is the safest and best option. You’ll be unaware of what’s happening so we can do any work needed to restore your oral health and smile without causing you anxiety or discomfort. When you wake up, you’ll feel drowsy for a few hours and may sleep on and off for the rest of the day. Yet the sedation medication will wear off the next day so you can return to your normal routine again.

How Safe is Choosing Dentists That Put You to Sleep?

Thanks to extensive training, sedation during dental treatments has been proven to be safe and effective for many age groups. If you’re not sedated, you’ll experience a spike in blood pressure due to anxiety and may move around during the treatment and risk injury. Sedation Dentistry Fayetteville keeps your blood pressure steady and helps you relax so the dentist can focus on their work.

How Long Will Sedation’s Effects Linger?

Conscious sedation tends to leave you sleepy but awake for the rest of the day. You’ll want to avoid driving before and after the treatment even if you’re conscious. For full sedation, you’ll likely feel the effects until the next day. This can actually help if you tend to have anxiety after treatment is completed. Do not drive, drink alcohol, or operate machinery after receiving sedation.

Choose us here at Bellissima Dental Boutique for a team you can trust to provide you with the best sedation dentistry near me. Schedule an appointment today to learn about your options for a stress-free and pain-free dental care experience in a luxurious, spa-like environment. We are proud to offer Sedation Dentistry Fayetteville NC residents rely on for quality care.


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