Teeth Whitening Fayetteville

Teeth Whitening Fayetteville can help you get the Whiter, Brighter Smile you’ve always wanted.

Is having a beautifully white smile important to you? Of course it is! A remarkable smile creates a powerful and lasting impression that makes you hard to forget.

Bellissima Dental Boutique can help you get the whiter, brighter smile you’ve always wanted.

Benefits of a Whiter Smile

Improves appearance

A study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that 96 percent of people in the United States are drawn to those with an appealing smile. As the result, a whiter brighter smile can even bring personal and professional rewards.

Improves attraction

Celebrities, models, rock stars, and others in the spotlight whiten their teeth, and for good reason - they know that a beautiful smile makes them more attractive. In fact, 5,000 men and women responding to a Match.com survey said that they rated a great smile as the number one attractive quality. Teeth Whitening Fayetteville NC offers a quick, painless and inexpensive start to a great smile.

Turns back the clock

Professional teeth whitening is one of the fastest and most affordable way to look and feel younger, without messy creams or risky surgery. A study by Oral B found that whitening your teeth can make someone look five years younger.

Confidence boost

 Do you cover your mouth when you talk or laugh to hide your yellow or stained teeth? Do you smile with your mouth closed? Wouldn’t it be nice to just laugh, talk and smile with confidence? Teeth Whitening Fayetteville gives you the self-esteem to light up any room with your pearly whites.

A professional edge

Whitening your teeth creates a more professional image, which can lead to greater professional opportunities. A study by Kelton Research found that 65 percent of those with whitened teeth were perceived as more professional, and 53 percent received a higher salary compared with those who didn’t have whitened teeth.

Professional Whitening Provides Superior Results

Getting white teeth and keeping them white can be challenging. Some of your favorite foods and beverages, such as berries, coffee, tea and soda, can stain your teeth and dull your smile. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are no match for tough stains.. They can also cause tooth sensitivity that makes your teeth hurt when exposed to hot or cold liquids, foods, or air.

 Professional Teeth Whitening Procedures uses stronger teeth-whiteners than available outside your dentist’s office. We also take extra steps to ensure that these strong whiteners do not cause tooth sensitivity. Clearly, the best teeth whitening comes from your dentist.

Results you can plan on

Over-the-counter teeth whiteners can provide varying and sometimes unexpected results. The degree to which teeth whiteners work depends on a number of factors, such as the starting shade of your teeth and how white you want your teeth to be. Professional teeth whitening Fayetteville involves analyzing your current shade and determining the shade you would like them to be. Our Fayetteville Teeth Whitening dentist has the experience to know how many shades you can expect to improve.

Custom-designed treatments

 Over-the-counter whiteners offer one-size-fits-all solutions, whereas professional teeth whitening is personalized to fit your individual needs and give you the whitening results you want.

Ongoing professional guidance

Our teeth whitening dentist will continue to monitor the shade of your teeth during your routine cleaning and checkups. If we notice that your teeth are losing their luster, we may recommend food options and changes to your oral hygiene habits to help you maintain the aesthetic appeal of professional teeth whitening.  

For more information on professional teeth whitening Fayetteville residents rely on for great smiles and healthy teeth, contact Bellissima Dental Boutique. Dr. Bianca and her team of compassionate, caring dental professionals provide the exceptional dental care you need for an appealing and memorable smile.


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